India Means Business in Afghanistan…And All over Central Asia
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  • Kris

    “Pakistanis … think India would be happy to see Pakistan’s fractious and divided ethnic groups separate into still smaller states”

    Partition? Inconceivable!

  • ash

    This is a pessimistic article about the regions future however as things stand at least in Afghanistan,the war maybe entering another phase.

    Things will probably settle down to a low level conflict like pre US invasion with proxies fighting for power.

    This time however the region may have learnt its lesson to cooperate more for the potential economic benefits atleast.

    Central Asia needs to open to its southern flank to have another trade zone and access to Asian sea ports.A regional agreement to cooperate in opening up the trade routes through afghanistan will benefit all countries and stabilize the region.

    India is deffinately involved with the insurgency in Balochistan,its the weak Pakistan Goverment that has not taken them to task for it.

    Kashmir will continue to bristle till the next uprising and the conflict resurfaces

    This military intervention could have been better handled by mediating the regional disputes for a more stable Afghanistan in the future as danger of proxy war between India and Pakistan would have subsided.
    It did not happen as India did not want third party involvement in Kashmir and US succumbed to its pressure.

    2014 increasingly looks erily like pre invasion period, except main the pretext for the war does not exist any more in Afghanistan.

    It has cost thousands of civilian and military lives with not much else to show except a booming expatriate run economy that will shrink when the foreigners leave and the flight of capital if security situation worsens.

  • Abdul Qadir Baloch

    hindustan is indeed in the game…however, this is a game she will eventually lose strategically speaking…especially as Pakistan and Iran slowly work towards setting aside a few strategic differences and uniting to work towards Afghan development while also decreasing NATO/hindutva footprint from Afghanistan.

    given Pakistan’s vast experience in Afghanistan dating back to the time of the jihad against the soviets, it wont be possible to turn the country into an outwardly hostile land against Pakistan…the enemies of Pakistan have been trying; to some extent they did succeed but on a broader level it will be a failed strategy.

    india should know better than to use afghanistan soil in a nefarious manner; theyre (late) defence attache found out, the hard way, unfortunately.

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