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  • PapayaSF

    Is there any independent confirmation that the Damascus bombing was a suicide bombing? Not that it would be unlikely, just that it seems like the sort of thing the Assad regime would lie about to try to make themselves look less incompetent and more like victims.

  • thibaud

    “… it means a booming economy with ample jobs, probably centered on the Middle West. … the new energy geography points toward a revival of the Mississippi-Ohio-Missouri river system as the axis of American growth”

    Someone needs a copy editor. An “axis” doesn’t run in four directions, and in any case, the majority of the states abutting that wide Missouruh aren’t in the Midwest. Nearly half the states adjoining the Mississippi are indeed in Dixie. If the nat gas surplus ends up being liquified, much of that will happen in Louisiana, which last I checked was in Dixie.

    In any case, Mead should exercise a bit more caution before mindlessly parroting jobs growth numbers like the 600k Citigroup estimate. Even if that very high estimate were to come to pass, and even if the API’s own estimate of a 3x multiplier were used, there would still be fewer than 2 million jobs created due to the tight oil and unconventional gas.

    In other words, at its highest, this would account for only about one-tenth of job growth overall, and barely one-third of BLS’s recent projections for expected increases in what is by far the largest employment growth sector, health care and social assistance.

    In fact, the BLS expects that by 2020, this country will add more jobs in each of three health care job categories ALONE than are envisaged in the entire, wildly optimistic case for fracing jobs growth:

    – registered nurses (712,000 new jobs)
    – health aides (706,000)
    – personal care aides (607,000).

    Or maybe Mr Mead expects the majority of those home assistants and nurses and aides to roll away across the wide Missourah and the (midwestern portions of the) Big Muddy?

  • Alex Weiner

    70 people were also shot at a movie theater at some point last week.

  • thibaud

    Alex W – were they shot in decadent old Europe? We’re all over it. Colorado? Never mind.

  • thibaud

    The silence on this blog as elsewhere illustrates Adam Gopnik’s sad observation:

    “The truth is made worse by the reality that no one—really no one—anywhere on the political spectrum has the courage to speak out about the madness of unleashed guns and what they do to American life.”


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