Assad on the Edge?
Published on: July 20, 2012
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  • Cunctator

    I am not at all convinced that the US maneuvered Russia into exercising a veto at the UNSC. I see it as more likely that the US hoped Moscow would not veto and pushed forward regardless. If Moscow vetoed, well, the US and UK can tell their critics that they tried. If Moscow voted for the resolution, there would be new sanctions — and again the US and Uk could tell everyone they had moved the ball down the field with international support.

    I think Prof. Garfinkle gives far too much credit to an administration that has proven itself, over the past three plus years, to be hopelessly out of its depth in foreign policy. Panetta’s comment, that he rightly points out is very odd, is but one example of a policy that is completely unhinged.

  • Adam, Franck Salameh argued in the National Interest recently that the Alawis may retreat into their traditional home in the Levantine highlands overlooking the Mediterranean. This is increasingly looking like the most likely possibility. If the Alawi control the coast, would leave a land-locked Sunni dominated proto-state in the east. The latter would be an enduring source of instability and a playing field of regional powers. On the plus side, this would certainly cut off the supply route to Hezbollah. Shouldn’t the US be putting assets in place right now? November is going to be too late for the US to have any influence on the course of events, isn’t it?

  • William Livingston

    “I never proposed American boots on the ground in Syria.”

    That sentiment is much appreciated by one with a son in the U.S. Army who has been taught to read, write, speak & understand Arabic.

    Regardless I fought as a lieutenant in the 1st Infantry Division, 9/66-9/67 & as a captain in the 101st Airborne, 3/69-1/70 in Viet-Nam I’ve grown skeptical that these petty imperial wars in which we’ve been engaged beginning with the Kosovo War have been justified.

  • William Livingston

    Surely, if news reports saying all Syrian units have been withdrawn from the Golan Heights are accurate that suggests the wheels are coming off the Assad regime, no?

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