Jobs of the Future: Anti-Jihad Troll
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  • Walter Sobchak

    At last, a constructive role for [name of commenter deleted].

  • Tom Holsinger

    WRM might peruse Sefton Delmer’s _Black Boomerang_ and consider how this might backfire. Mr. Delmer ran a British “black” operation in World War Two which, among many other things, had a radio station in Egypt spout pro-German propaganda in various Balkan languages (Bulgarian comes to mind) with ostentatious German accents.

    Even Iran’s mullah regeime ran a satellite TV program for Iranians in America which featured an actor pretending to be a mullah spy in LA who preferred it here, and kept coming up with comic scams on his superiors in Tehran so they’d let him stay. The exiles in LA loved it.

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