La Guerra Contro i Giovani
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  • Italy should reform it’s labor markets and embrace the kind of “flexicurity” that one finds in Denmark. This system combines open labor markets and free trade with a strong safety net, thereby providing workers with enough financial security that they do not feel that they are one outsourced plant – or one new computer program – away from poverty. We desperately need flexicurity in America too. It would mitigate protectionist pressures and the social stability would decrease political extremism on the left and the right.

    Even the right wing Forbes magazine has at least some good things to say about the Danish model. And since Denmark has a lower unemployment rate than we do, it would appear that Flexicurity is better than the American blue state model.

    “The Danes have also embraced labor flexibility, or what they call “flexicurity.” This Third Way tradeoff gives employers the right to hire and fire easily, while the state guarantees a good wage and retraining for the fired. As the South China Morning Post (other-otc: SCHPY.PK – news – people ) noted: “The Nordic model apparently manages to combine generous welfare benefits with flexible labor markets, which results in low levels of unemployment.” Earlier this year France floated its own flexicurity model but quickly withdrew it when French protesters took to the streets. The French would rather preserve their way of life with its 20% unemployment rate for young workers.”

    “Danes love to travel and trade, a legacy of their seafaring heritage. Neither on the political left nor right will you find many Chuck Schumersens or Lou Dobbsens.”

  • Kris

    Thank you for including a link to your previous post. It enabled me to easily find my previous comment:

    “Italian laws mandating that workers not be fired without just cause, combined with a legal system that heavily favors workers, have created a system in which companies are wary of making new hires.”
    And yet many of the “young” actively oppose reform of those laws. Reality, she is a harsh mistress.

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