Egypt’s Women Are Losing in Democracy
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  • Corlyss

    Much of the Arab world is resolutely tribal. None of these developments is suprising. For every “enlightened” westernized Arab elite, there’s 100 unenlightened parochial Arab thugs who thinks they’d be better off if it were the 9th Century and their only concern was keeping their brothers and their women safe from outsider contamination.

  • Kevin

    The Arab spring is looking a lot more like the French Revolution than the American one.

  • Cunctator

    What a surprise – a Muslim country that does not respect the rights of women in their society!!! What will happen next — Copts being beaten on the streets and churches being burned?

  • Jbird

    Mark Steyn had a good article this week about how the younger generation of Muslims is less westernized than their parents especially those living in the West. The arc of history does not inevitably bend towards Western values.

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