Iran: The War Dance Continues
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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “On the Iranian side, we see ever more dire pronouncements about Iran’s will and ability to close down the Straits of Hormuz, the narrow choke point through which much of the world’s oil passes on its way out of the Persian Gulf.”

    This is a strategy of weakness, like the road side bombings, that haven’t worked either. If Iran ever does try mining the strait, we can expect to see mine laying boats getting hit by missiles just like we see road side bombers getting blown away now. Iran knows that they wouldn’t stand any more of a chance against the US, than Saddam did, and they stand a lot to lose. A humiliating loss would shake the foundation of the regime, and might bring it down. And they have to know that Obama would love to wave the Bloody shirt, and unify the country behind him against a belligerent Iran just before the election. In fact I wouldn’t put it past Obama to encourage an Iranian adventure just to improve his chances of re-election; Clinton fired a bunch of cruise missiles and killed innocent people and an aspirin factory to distract from his impeachment.

  • Gene

    “For the US to accept an Iranian nuclear weapon would destroy President Obama’s administration at home …”

    I seriously doubt this. Very few people who would vote for O, or would even consider voting for him, give a [profanity removed] whether the Iranians have a bomb or not. Now, to launch a war against Iran, that WOULD destroy his administration by driving away large numbers of his voters, even if it would pull in a few strays who otherwise might not vote for him.

  • Earl

    Looks like I’ll be odd-man-out and state I can see the Obama backing down after the November elections.

    The only critical path I’ve found extends to our elections with an Israel decision on whether to attack Iran preemptively. After Nov. 6th –presuming Obama wins- the Israeli’s have zero leverage and probably only US sentiment on their side. The trick for the Admin is keeping Iran at the table & the Israeli’s grounded for 115 days.

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