Could a Hamas/Egypt Deal Save Israel’s Bacon?
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  • Israel’s bacon, Professor Mead??? Most unkosher title ever…

  • art.the.nerd

    > Could a Hamas/Egypt Deal Save Israel’s Bacon?

    I can only assume that you *meant* the cognitive dissonance in this ill-chosen metaphor. I look forward to your next op-ed, “Romney Aborts Discussions of Rice as VP”.

  • Kris

    You recidivist, you.

    To the point, all true enough, but Israel too does not wish to jeopardize its peace with Egypt, such as it is. If rockets are fired from within a de facto Egyptian protectorate into Israel, it would be difficult for Israel to respond. (This situation already exists to some extent in the Sinai.)

  • I think the real metaphoric gambit is “Can a cobra change its spots?” These MB dudes are moderate democrats who’s expressed aim is to make Jerusalem their capital – and unexpressed (in English) aim is to exterminate the Jews.I say viva moderate democracy and pass the ammunition!

  • JimK

    Yeah and I suppose Egypt could pick up the slack and take over supplying aid to Gaza from Israel.

    Fat chance.(chicken schmalz, that is)

  • Haim

    Walter, you insist on being rational on behalf of Hamas. Well, the history teaches us differently – Hamas will use the Egyptian umbrella to lob more rockets into Israel and further provocations on the Sinai border, with the explicit goal to cause a rupture between Egypt and Israel. That’s it’s goal, after all. The second part of your equation – that MB in Egypt doesn’t want a war – is also flawed. MB figures it can’t lose. If it manages to put an army in Sinai and to do away with the demilitarization clause of the peace treaty, it will humiliate and endanger Israel and score huge points at home and in the Arab world (big help against deepening economic troubles). MB counts that under current management, US will do nothing to stop Egypt from reasserting it’s sovereignty in Sinai – after all, Obamaites blame Israel already. If there’s a war and Egypt loses, then, first, Obama will not allow Israel to enjoy it’s victory, and, second, there will be talk about “helping Egypt to rebuild”. Moreover, if the war will go south, the ones to blame will be the generals, who are too pro-American and too timid against the Zionists. Army will lose its clout, power and economic empire. So, yes, I think the MB intents to take Egypt as close as possible to a war with Israel, and maybe even beyond the point of no return.

  • Walter Sobchak

    A very interesting speculation. Just to follow it a few steps down the road, wouldn’t the logical denouement be the West Bank, minus whatever Israel keeps, becoming a province of Jordan? We could have a 50 year circle back to the status quo ante-bellum sort of.

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