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  • Kris

    I’ll take advantage of the “Week in Review” post for the following note: In the past week there seems to have either been a glitch in the comments system, or else you have decided to selectively hold back certain comments, only to later retroactively insert them. If this was intentional, I do understand the advantages, but I still urge you to reconsider as it makes discussion difficult.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @Kris: The volume of comments continues to grow and some comments require more editing and review than others. We do our best to move through them in a timely fashion, but comments that skirt or cross the boundaries of good taste and comity, that are very long, that contain multiple links that we must check out (some comments have trollishly included links to various racist or violence-advocating sites) or when one commenter floods the system with an extremely high volume of comments on a particular post will often not be immediately approved.

      We will sometimes deliberately hold a torrent of comments by one author back; seeing seven long comments in a row by one writer does not, we think, promote discussion. In cases like that we sometimes choose to release the pent up waters a little at a time.

      The alternative would be simply to trash all comments that required careful review, and although there are days when this alternative tempts us, we have so far been able to resist.

      We are looking at various strategies to increase the resources we have available for handling the comments; should that happen you will probably see an improvement in our response.

      We do our best, but there is only so much we can do.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: Thanks for your comprehensive reply. As I wrote, I understand that there are no perfect solutions, and I certainly don’t mind that iffy comments no longer hold back all the others. My main beef was with the retroactive insertion of the held-back comments. Perhaps it would be better (if the software can so be configured) to append comments by order of approval, while still indicating the original submission time? Still not perfect, but at least the careful reader can actually figure out what’s happening, instead of thinking that commenters are talking past each other.

    Which is something that would never ordinarily happen.

    Regardless, thank you for what is one of my few daily blogs.

  • Idealism Chinese style (from The Fat Years):

    “Hundreds of millions of Chinese lived through an age that witnessed a storm of idealism and were baptized in that flood of idealism. Even though later on their ideals turned to nightmares and disillusionment, and an entire generation of people lost their ideals, still they didn’t abandon idealism. . .(cont.)


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