Liberal Protestants Shut the Door on BDS
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  • Dan

    As a point of clarification, that was the Presbyterian Church (USA), not the Presbyterian Church of America which is a different (smaller, not mainline) denomination.

  • If people REALLY wanted the Palestinians not to suffer (as opposed to just re-igniting a 1930s anti-Semitism and hollering against the freedoms and liberty of the West….), they’d start asking why, after 63 YEARS, Palestinians remain in refugee camps in Arab lands rather than having been long-ago integrated into those Arab lands in housing, schools, mosques, the economy, etc. There aren’t 3 generations of refugees because of the UN’s creation of Israel; there are 3 generations of refugees because of the contempt in which Arabs hold their co-religionists, the squalor in which they have been left by those who encouraged them to flee in 1948, and a world intent on blaming the wrong parties in the dispute. I have not yet seen the Left blowing-up the UN for creating Israel, for example; why not?

  • Richard S

    My understanding, from conversations with a colleague who spent time working with some activists, is that the purpose of BDS is not so much to have a direct impact on Israel, but rather to make individuals outside of Israel feel invested in the Palestinian cause.

  • Stan

    PCUSA is the Presbyterian wing of the Democratic Party. Every General Assembly seems to end up as a battle to push the Church farther and farther to the left over political issues. As antisemitism continues to become more and more fashionable in left-wing circles, it is sad to see left-wing Presbyterians join in.

  • Such a simple minded analysis they make, those Presybterians. They think it is a choice between A and B when really it is a choice between A, B, and C, C being Europe. After all C pushed A into B, causing the fight in the first place. C is responsible.

  • Boycott Europe.

  • Ellen B

    Stan said: “PCUSA is the Presbyterian wing of the Democratic Party.”

    Please don’t generalize. Many PCUSA churches are filled with Bible-believing Christians who love and want to renew our church. Walking away from the denomination is often the coward’s way.

  • Kris

    “a desire to see the establishment of a Palestinian state remain widespread among mainline Protestants”

    So do they want a Palestinian state or do they want to support Palestinian Arab Christians?

    Surely they don’t believe the two are compatible!

  • Tom

    “Walking away from the denomination is often the coward’s way.”

    At some point, though, remaining within the denomination signals compliance.

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