The Libyan Afterparty Continues As Timbuktu Dies
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  • Anthony

    WRM,outside of Via Meadia there has been very little professional dialog on unintended consequences of Libyan intervention – no good effort goes unpunished. The impulse creating silence on Timbuktu is equally destructive…

  • Part of the problem may be that we have persuaded ourselves that people everywhere share the same basic values, when, in fact, what we should be ding is persuading them to share our values.

  • Cool. Another Islamist stronghold in Africa. I’d say it’s an opportunity for a twofer. The civilized world knows Islamism must be destroyed… And Obama wants us to reduce the number of nuclear warheads in our arsenal. Location meets opportunity.

  • Fred

    I’m shocked that this shocks anyone.

  • fred

    That new diplomacy of Obama is reaping dividends- a new Islamic stronghold in Timbuktu and Egypt becomes a Muslim Brotherhood malignancy!

  • Don’t we all wish now that those nasty Russians had vetoed the UN resolution? Aren’t we thankful that they are standing in front of another “fudged Wilsonian effort” in Syria?
    Or is that all too difficult to understand?

  • Diggs

    It is fairly easy to see how Leftists can ignore the lack of human rights built into Islam…they simply have no grasp of reality. Obama has a lousy grip on reality, but he grew up around Islam and islamists, so he has no excuse when he directs the State Department to support ANY islamists.

  • teapartydoc

    Hey Diggs: The left has a real talent for overlooking human rights abuses with their own programs and agendas, so why should it be any surprise when they exhibit the same moral lacunae when seeing and at the same time not seeing abuses by themselves and their pets and affiliated cohorts. Ever heard of Walter Duranty? The thing to remember is that leftists and progressives, and even paleoconservatives, for that matter, do not recognise natural rights. Rights are confered by government, or in the case of paleos, by historical circumstances that allow rights to be asserted.

  • Rich K

    Maybe so Mr Mead but “HE WON” and she is beyond reproach because she allowed him to gain the nomination with no arguement. Smart,Real Smart.

  • gringojay

    World Heritage sites of the UN another casualty
    of political correctness – this time of the Islamists.
    How encouraging that Bethlehem recently declared a UN World Heritage of the Falestines (there being no “P” sound in Arabic my political correct spelling uses the “F”).

  • joe mack

    Thanks Obama, for leading from behind, living in the land of no unintended consequences.
    Must be nice.
    Mali, sorry about the mess, we meant well and that is all that really matters.

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