A Final Fourth of July Story
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  • Anthony

    The impact of the black American presence on America has been tremendous and historically conditioned; but this fact generally the Amrican psyche has been loath to admit but families like Dr. Cousins’ are not unique in our inter-group cultural fusion – Via Meadia renders an important service on Nation’s birthday (the American condition and identity). Thanks….

  • Mrs. Davis

    Hear, hear. Thank you for the splendid tiding.

  • Thrasymachus

    The ideals of 1776 are still vital, and still working to complete themselves in our society. Good for Dr. Cousins, and good for the DAR.

  • Jim.

    It’s a great relief to see that those wounds are healing over… charges of “racism” and “playing the race card” have been the ultimate in ad hominem attacks for a generation.

    Now we can only hope that the Left’s disingenuous, false, and absurd argument that “You’re racist, therefore your claim that 2+2=4 is invalid” against the TEA Party and other fiscal conservatives fall on deaf ears as well.

  • thibaud

    Good news indeed.

    The Daughters of the American Revolution have come a long way since 1939, when the DAR denied african-american singer Marian Anderson the ability to perform an Easter concert at DAR-owned Constitution Hall on account of her race.


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