Prison Fees: The Worst of Blue Meets the Worst of Red
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  • Jim.

    This crisis is going to get worse before it gets better. Governent that acts like the enemy is not going to be voted more funding at the polls.

    Meritocracy isn’t the only thing suffering the decline of Christian conscience these days. Justice is going to get uglier too, as people self-police less and less.

    Government just simply tries to do too much. Time was, when someone had a great idea for social change (temperance, say) they went around publicly and privately spreading their case. Now, the motto of everyone’s pet peeve is “there ought to be a law!”… we tried that. Law books are unbelievably thick now. And the government can’t afford to enforce them all.

    Roll them back. Cut them down. Obama tried to slim down what the Blues saw as unnecessary regulation, and no one noticed.

    Now it’s tme to take an axe to the regulatory state.

  • Neville

    I applaud your pursuit of this line of analysis. Nevertheless we should think it through a little more before pronouncing on where it is likely to lead.

    Firstly, in many cases it’s not really accurate to say that ‘The bureaucratic state models we developed in the last 125 years can’t meet the challenges of the new century’. State-run institutions such as the post office would in many cases run more efficiently if they were operated more like they were 100 years ago. There’s little wrong with those ‘bureaucratic models’ (which private companies have adapted effectively over time). Instead, in the public sector the effectiveness of their implementation has declined as work rules, layers of management, unnecessary workers and excessive numbers of retirees have been added.

    Secondly, it’s worth stopping to consider how much more dangerous economically efficient state institutions might turn out to be. Right now the fans of the ‘blue model’ try to implement detailed supervision of every aspect of our lives even in the face of daily evidence clearly demonstrating the existing absurd levels of administrative inefficiency. We ought to consider that giving them sharper and more cost-effective tools might result in something very different from the slimmer, less costly government we’re tempted to dream of, and dramatically worse than what we have now.

  • LJP

    Walter Russell Mead is “Going Galt.”

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “It involves the re-imagination and the re-engineering of the state, and it’s going to take a new kind of worker, a new kind of organization, a new way to think about the responsibility of the community and individuals to each other and to the state.”

    I’m sorry but I think it involves the end of the nanny state, and the reintroduction of limited government that just leaves people alone to live their lives as they see fit.

  • Otis McWrong

    “The people busy writing new mandates, formalizing procedures, giving state and local governments more and more things to do (like checking Big Gulp sizes) don’t get that stories like Hills McGee’s are the other end of the well-intentioned things they are trying to do.”

    There is nothing well-intentioned about what they are trying to do.

  • WigWag

    Another possibility is that the significantly undertaxed citizens of the State of Alabama could have their taxes raised so that they paid for the government that the resentatives they voted for in free and fair elections decided that they need.

  • Kenny

    Government is morphing into being the enemy of the people wherre those in government act for their own perks & privilages.

  • “That’s what’s driving this crisis. Courts, cities, states—all are underfunded. Essentially, poorly structured, poorly organized, poorly managed and overextended as they are, these states can’t deliver the government people want at a price they are willing to pay. Hence there is a huge, hungry, mindless revenue suck from ravenous governments that MUST HAVE THE MONEY NOW.”

    Sounds like China.

  • cubanbob

    Apply Pareto’s Principle and fire 80% of the civil service rule makers and implementers.

  • Ed

    “the worst of the Blue meets the worst of the Red”

    You lost me right there. Blue is what took all the money from things the government should be doing (and really only government should do these things) and wasted it on all the other political eye candy needed to convince the electorate they are more noble than the Red. Red, really true red wants only that from government but can’t get it. So blue makes up “creative revenue sources” and blames it on red.

    Government wasn’t perfect and won’t ever be perfect. The left has destroyed it in its insatiable demand for perfection. Pity.

  • Rodney

    I remember when I was a young and gung-ho engineer. I volunteered for a project and my supervisor immediately asked what I was not going to do so I could find time to work on that project. He showed great wisdom that day, wisdom that seems to be lacking in our state and federal governments. If that question were to be asked more frequently when proposals are made for new programs or initiatives, perhaps local, state and federal governments wouldn’t be running such large budget deficits.

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