You May Never Win Roboshambo Again
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  • WigWag

    I’m not sure why, but Professor Mead’s post put me in mind of this,

  • Because there were so many Baby Boomers and because so many of us have houses and so few of us had enough kids, more houses will not be needed as we retire & die off… So we won’t need construction workers. Because robots are becoming ubiquitous in all kinds of manufacturing, we will not need skilled blue collar workers for that, either. With the advances in driverless vehicles, we won’t need truckers. So we had better – REAL SOON – get unions out of the classroom so we are educating our kids far better than today, for the farther we advance into the Information Age, the less room there will be for stupid, ignorant or uneducated people. And we’d better figure-out what to do with those lacking the intellectual capacity or drive to keep-up.

  • Bill Woods

    This thing is kind-of cheating, by observing your move before making its own, but computers have been outplaying humans for a while, by remembering human players’ patterns.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: Whereas I immediately thought of this. How uncultured of me.

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