Meet the New Communist President of Europe
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  • John Barker

    Is Europe a comic opera? If so, what would be a good title?

  • Mrs. Davis

    Die Fledermaus

  • Government Drone

    “Technically Sovereign”

  • Markus Becker

    Cyprus will head the Council of the European Union for the next half year. That will not improve relations with Turkey but

    a)so what?
    b)that will be it.

    By the way, if any person deserves to be called President of Europe, it is Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission.

  • Jim.

    …and “Europe” continues to prove just how broken it is.

    Start over, guys. Get it right. It doesn’t need to be some unholy kludge driven by crisis after crisis… it’s not like the greatest empire in the world is going to reconquer you if you don’t hang together.

    Have a convention. Invite delegations. Require those delegations to stay in close consultation with the populations they represent.

    If nothing comes of it, leave it alone because that was what was meant to be.

    The EU in its current form resembles nothing so much as Esperanto… an artificial, useless, and unpopular work of ivory-tower hope.

    Take it back to the people, guys. See what would actually meet their needs. And if it turns out that they disagree fundamentally about what those needs are or ho to get there, let it go…

    Decentralization is a strength, not a weakness. There’s a reason Columbus is remembered today and Zheng He is all but forgotten, and it has more to do with their governments than the men themselves.

  • Eurydice

    I don’t know what Cypriot Communism is like, but if it’s anything the Greek version, Mr. Christofias will making those vicious attacks from the large veranda of his multi-million euro villa that overlooks his private marina filled with many, many yachts.

  • Steve W from Ford

    This just illustrates the dangers of the politically correct doctrine of “fairness” when applied in the real world.
    Yeah it is sure “nice” to let the powerless little countries have a turn at the top and when all is well the damage is likely minimal. But when the crap-ola hits the fan-ola Cyprus just ain’t the go-to guy! The true silliness of a doctrine of “fairness” now reveals itself for all to see.

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