China’s Hunt for Oil Complicates Game of Thrones
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  • Anthony

    “What is evolving in Asia is a system….” The system may yet be led by China (while multipolar and balanced) given its advantages/resources. The aforementioned assumes China is status quo power and content with its present position in the international system.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    China doesn’t want to be a good neighbor, it wants an Empire and seeks to get it by bullying its neighbors. For example the US has a huge trade deficit with China, making America China’s biggest customer, but their Generals regularly threaten war with the US, this is not the action of a nation looking to maintain good trade relations with its biggest customer.

  • Jim.

    So if we’re not supposed to look at Superpower Rivalry as our guide to action these days, could Professor Mead recommend some good books on the Concert of Europe that could provide us with an overall structure of how to work in a multi-Power world?

  • silia

    The ‘game of thrones’ trope is getting a bit worn.

  • Eurydice

    Yes, and add to that list of players the actual producers in the Middle East – they’ve been accustomed to the US style of involvement in the region.

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