Europe Withers Under Pressure, Slashes Foreign Aid
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  • silia

    Why is poor Greece still doling out aid to poor countries when its own economy runs on aid from Germany?

    If aid is given for INFLUENCE, it should be called bribery.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “The longer the crisis goes on, the more these aid budgets will suffer and the more Europe’s geopolitical standing will fall.”

    This isn’t a bug it’s a feature. Does anyone really measure a nation’s geopolitical standing by how much it gives in foreign aid? I measure a nation’s geopolitical standing by its economic might, its technological might, its military might, and the likelihood these levels will continue, not by how much foreign aid it is giving. Tyrants and Authoritarians around the world will find their Swiss bank accounts filling more slowly, too bad, so sad. Foreign aid is a completely bogus gimmick of a nation’s State Department, so the diplomats can buy themselves face time and look like they are working. For all the billions spent on foreign aid, I can’t think of a single nation that is better off now because of all that wasted money.

  • Mark in Texas

    The most tears will probably be shed by the bankers of Switzerland, Nauru, Netherlands Antilles and other places where corrupt third world kleptocrats hide the money that Europeans shower on their countries.

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