“Banana War” between China and Philippines Drawing to a Close
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  • Jbird

    I hope no one on our side have given these countries like the Philippines and Vietnam the idea that we are going to go to war over their territorial disputes with China.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The US needs to oppose China in their unjust claims on an entire sea. Look at what China is claiming at this link


    China is claiming territory that is rightly in the 200 mile economic zone of Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Taiwan as described by the Law of the Sea Treaty to which China is a signatory. China’s outrageous territorial demands are contrary to their own treaty obligations, and America must hold China to their word or every agreement China is signatory too is thrown into doubt. This is clearly a case where China is revealed as the greedy grasping bully it is.

  • Kris

    The obvious solution is to eliminate all these micro-islands, thus getting rid of the competing naval claims. We could do so together with Russia, using nuclear weapons, thus both promoting cooperation and reducing our nuclear arsenals.

    I await my Nobel Peace Prize.

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