Romney Hits Israel Theme On The Campaign
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  • Walter Sobchak

    “the Likud government of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel’s settlements in the West Bank and the parts of Jerusalem it annexed after the Six Day War make most American Jews a bit queasy.”

    Maybe amongst your Jewish friends, not amongst my Jewish family and my Jewish congregation.

    I think that right now American Jews are divided into roughly three equal sized groups.

    The first group supports Israelis and is going to vote for Romney. They are not queasy (except about Iran), and frankly, don’t care much about the Palestinians.

    The second group, supports Israel and will vote for Obama, whether because they believe his protestations or because they cannot bring themselves to vote for a Republican under any circumstance. If pressed, they will start to complain about James A Baker.

    The third group is not that involved in either religious life nor in the Jewish community. They have substituted leftist politics for religion and community. They are they ones who hate Netanyahu. A subset of that group is out and out communist and toes the party line (Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein, Peter Beinart).

  • Gene

    I don’t much like being lumped into a group of people whose support for Israel comes down to theological concerns about what “God’s mission” is for any given nation. My belief in American exceptionalism has no religious component whatsoever, nor does my support for Israel. My support of Israel has many components, the largest being the sheer odiousness of all of her neighbors.

  • TycheSD

    WR Mead may have some insightful points to make on the decline of the blue social model, but his views on America’s God-given exceptionalism and Israel put him into a camp in the U.S. that also is becoming outdated.

    Americans support Israel, but our interests and theirs are not always the same. In fact, they often conflict. That is why the Obama tone and policies in the Middle East are the right ones, as they make the U.S. appear more even-handed and balanced in our approach.

    Despite Mead’s prior support for Democrats, it’s obvious that he is more in tune with the GOP and with people like Marco Rubio and Lindsay Graham.

  • Micha

    Making Israel a partisan issue is not good for Israel.

  • Lorna Shackelford

    Obama is a fool! He should be backing Israel all the way……………. You don’t turn your back on a friend, and Obama is wishey-washey.

  • It used to be that “cosmopolitan internationalist” was used as an insult against Jews. Perhaps, I preferred it that way 😉

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