Chicago Teachers Threaten Strike
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  • Dear Rahm Emanuel,

    I’m not particularly a big fan of yours. That said, I have some advice that will assist you in becoming President someday, should that be one of your goals in life.

    Break the Union. Crush it. Drive Charters, Parent Triggers, and even vouchers, right through their heart.

    You will turn around your deeply blue and failing party, and you will have the credibility to run as a reform Democrat.

    Just do it. Break the Union.

  • Kenny

    But it’s for the children.

  • As long as they strike prior to November 6, I’m good with it. Give the rest of the nation another look at the unions that just lost to Americans in WI. American voters can help ensure government-sector unions lose in CHI, and that their quislings in Congress and the Oval Office are sent packing.

  • Brett

    When was their last pay raise? If it was something like 4 or 5 years ago, then I can understand the 30% increase. Even aside from a one-sixth increase in work-time (which effectively means another class and all the outside time required for that), there’s inflation to consider.

    If they’ve been getting hefty pay raises up to this year, then they’re just being unreasonable.

  • Eurydice

    @Brett #4 – I think they’ve been getting annual raises of 4% ever since 2003, which is more than the CPI for the period.

  • Tom

    Compare Chicago to what is happening in Douglas County, Colorado, where the School Board has very, very effectively negotiated a wide range of reforms with the teachers union.

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