China Carbon Emissions Lost In The Mist
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  • Kenny

    Non-Christianized Third Worlders lie.

    Gee, who would have guessed that.

    This is a slight insight of why America became great while other countries flounder.

    Is the U.S. perfect? Far from it. Bt compared to rest, it’s no contest.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I like Carbon Dioxide, its plant food, and plants are at the bottom of the food chain, so more plants mean more life. Experiments have shown that the increase in Carbon Dioxide over the last century from 285ppm to 390ppm has boosted plant growth by 15%, as well as making plants more water tolerant (they lose less water to respiration). This means there is 15% more life on Earth, and mankind’s food production is 15% higher. So I say bring on the Carbon Dioxide, it makes Mother Nature laugh with Joy.

    Environmentalists [stink], 15% more life is better than 15% less life. This is how we know that Environmentalists don’t care about the Environment they care about the money, donations, grants, and green subsidies will all dry up if they don’t claim the sky is falling, if they don’t claim some life threatening thing is going to occur at sometime in the indefinite but soon future. The Hole in the Ozone, Global Warming, Acid Rain, Endangered species extinction, it’s always some bogus fabricated problem and heaven forbid it should quickly be solved, and cut off the flow of money.

  • Corlyss

    “Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog, which reports that China’s official statistics on carbon emissions may be significantly understating the real numbers.”

    Let’s get together with some bricks and bats and force the Chinese to join us in our suicidal rush to criminalize cheap energy. Why shouldn’t they too be terminally stupid in the name of saving Gaia?

  • I guess this has something to do with the tragedy of the commons — or would if it were true — so I’ll post this link:

    Why I read Steve Sailer and you should too.

    I’m reading about Mao’s China right now. Political correctness was a real problem then. It is in this country too. People dare not speak their mind.

  • “And Chinese statistics are both robust and transparent compared to statistics in places like Nigeria and Bangladesh where governments lack the capacity . . . [to pollute the atmosphere].

  • Truthfulness has never been considered much of a virtue in Chinese society. Lying is accepted. Liar is not a fighting word. “Face” with one’s reference group (guanxi) is far more important. I was surprised to learn this in my recent reading. Culture vary widely. What we think of as a universal value — like truthfulness — turns out not to be. Incidentally, this is one of the things that makes Falun Gang so unusual in the Chinese context. Their moral code is very simple: truthfulness, benevolence, tolerance. When practictioners are approached by police on the street and asked if they belong to Falun Gang, they always say yes. Even it it means immediate arrest — which it does. They are real oddballs by Chinese standards. I’m not sure how underground Christians are in this regard. Does anybody know? I’ll find out soon. I’ve ordered God is Red by Wiyu.

  • Randy

    Thomas Friedman will be crushed. And Chinese government officials fudging numbers? Shocking. Just shocking.

  • kris

    “The world won’t be able to come to grips with its serious environmental issues until green groups finally grow up and realize it’s time to stop playing ‘Let’s Pretend.'”

    Boo! Away with you, Enemy of the Biosphere!

    I encourage everyone to join me in a rousing rendition of “Imagine there’s no carbon, …”.

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