Majority of Unemployed Have Been to College
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  • “When everyone’s super…No one will be.”

  • Some Sock Puppet

    “In a world in which college degrees were scarce, just having a degree or even some postsecondary schooling marked you out as special in the workplace.”

    This is exactly what my dad drilled into me over and over.

    That theory, which worked so well for him (when his total years tuition was 3,500.)didn’t work out well for the next generation. It didn’t help that I’m one of the vanguard of the (forced) medicated males either. Those drugs do damage.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to pivot, or even where to pivot to, but with this government, trying to do anything is likely to lead in more financial disaster and I’ve put my wife through enough.

    Looking at the gestalt, we are in deep, deep trouble if we don’t find a way to prevent the systemic destruction of our children and their futures.

  • Jim.

    Bring back skill tests for jobs.

    That way, instead of encouraging kids to get an expensive degree of questionable value, you encourage kids to spend their time learning how to perform a valuable task.

    The degree to which this will help everybody vastly outweighs any “disparate impact” the lawyers can cook up.

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