How To Watch Wisconsin
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  • Anthony

    WRM, outside of a few commentators, Blue Model policy description as framework rarely brought to voting public attention; yet author’s idea of how much he wins by may be interesting metric to guage voter tendencies in some contested states come November.

  • Kenny

    What an original analysis.

  • David Bennett

    Or, this is just another typical left leaning journo moving the goalposts.

  • thibaud

    I read the whole thing, as Mr Mead suggested, and didn’t see any evidence of either original thought or fresh information.

    I did take a glance at some other posts from this internet apparition that Mr Mead describes as “one of this country’s shrewdest political analysts” and came across a barrage of juvenile snark wrapped around warmed-over wisdom, like a charming post that drops an F-bomb while repeating the (pre-deathbed conversion) gutter wisdom of Lee Atwater.

    Apparently, all a blogger needs to do to be lauded by Via Meadia as one the nation’s most brilliant political minds is repeat the Mead canard about the “Blue Social Model.”

  • Jared

    Walker won by ~7 points…it will be interesting to watch this fall but I think Mr. Ellis is right and Romney has to be considered the favorite at this point with the momentum he has gained.

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