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Published on: June 3, 2012
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  • Anthony

    WRM, a day of jubilee has been enjoyed; you enter your sixth decade with many blessings – God Bless.

  • Mrs. Davis

    Happy Birthday.

  • WigWag

    Happy birthday, Professor Mead; may you have 60 more.

    Your post about your surprise birthday party put me in mind of a venerable academic tradition that had it’s genesis in Germany; the Festschrift.

    As originally practiced in Germany, the Festschrift was a book which contained articles by the honored faculty member’s graduate students, fellows and colleagues. Often it was presented as a gift upon retirement.

    In the United States it’s usually done a little differently; rather than putting together a volume; the honored faculty member’s former students put together a meeting where the students present talks on work that they have done that was originally inspired by what they were taught by their mentor.

    It’s a lovely tradition and although you are well to young to retire, Professor Mead, what a wonderful legacy you have already achieved through the young people (and formerly young people) whose lives you have impacted. The fact that your former students stay I’m touch with each other and occasionally collaborate says alot about what type of role model you have been.

    I hope it doesn’t embarass you Professor Mead, but I suspect that you are well on your way to achieving the iconic status of “national treasure.” Its pretty apparent that those who have had the privilege of working with you directly already think you’re quite special.

    On June 12, have a very happy 60th birthday.

  • Kansas Scott

    I suspect that the “rats” are the ones who feel deeply blessed and privileged to have endured your tutelage. The current rats will feel that way eventually.

    As a reader, I certainly feel blessed to be able to enjoy the work of such a mind and his minions. Happy birthday!

  • Pete Dellas

    Professor Mead, may you enjoy a year filled with God’s richest blessings, love, peace, grace, joy, good health and prosperity! Your writings have been an inspiration to many and have presented well-thought ideas to often complicated issues. Thank you for sharing your candor, wit, and pensive thought.

  • Soul

    Hahaha, I love it! Cute story. And Happy early Birthday! I’d write something more creative and humorous to this, but I’m feeling just a bit run down from tennis this evening. I’m afraid my tennis hitting partner isn’t happy unless he is running from side to side, – sometimes with his creative hitting, on multiple courts.

  • A description of the ideal boss ^^^

  • Frank Arden

    Professor Mead,

    Although I’m only a year younger than you, I often think that I’m one of your students! I can only imagine how much your students appreciate having you as a mentor.

    There were men who had profound influences on me when I was young and know how precious and important is the gift of being recognized by older, experienced men.

    It lasts a lifetime.

    Thank you for what you teach, but more than that, thank you for what you do to help young minds ripen.

    Happy Birthday.

  • Gary L

    Happy 60th birthday, Professor Mead, as you make the transition from Pundit to Sage.

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