Getting Out of Afghanistan
Published on: May 31, 2012
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  • Anthony

    What exactly is a single non-transferable vote electoral system? Also, leaving Afghanistan with a viable settlement reads as highly improbable considering essay’s tenor – “a negotiated settlement won’t be easy.”

  • Walter Sobchak

    The day we leave, Afghanistan will lapse into the primordial ooze. The day after that the Pakistani Army will send their wholly owned subsidiary, the Taliban, into Afghanistan to kick butt and take names.

    We need to stop worrying about Afghanistan and start worrying about our real enemy, the Pakistani Military. We are morally bound to do something to keep it from using all of the weapons we gave it to harass and oppress its neighbors.

    I recommend a bombing campaign to blow up all of those weapons and to degrade Pakistan’s military institutions altogether.

  • Dr. Fukuyama, I know it´s a small country and not very interesting for the U.S. but I considered what happened in our country (Paraguay) extremely relevant for the democratic process in Latin America. If you read a little of what has happened, you will realize that was just an excelent excercice of applying political accountability to lousy president, within the rule of law and institutionall framework, without any violence or repression of freedom of speech in any part. This democratic success however, was demonized by the bolivarian socialist goverments in the region, since it was against their ideological ally, and a bad example within the region, where they are commited to form strong executive power with little or no legislative control, in order to keep the burguesy in line. I don´t know to what extent your opinion may help the very delicate situation of my small, lock-land country, I will personally treasure it. Thanks, and please excuse the poor english.

  • doc feelgood

    Explain where Obama did wrong unless the conservatives warmongers in the marrow and hegemonic dreamers have another view on the matter?

    The US can´t stay there for ever. Pretty so simple a fact.

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  • Mary Rachel

    Your arguments are sound, but I notice a bias towards the protection of American interests and reputation. Please, consider a little more closely the effects of negotiations on the lives of the Afghan people.

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