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  • [OT but an acquaintance who lives in Mexico writes:

    “Any listmembers who like tales of Latin depravity will be gratified to learn that the narco wars have definitively reached the region of Lake Chapala. Eighteen headless bodies in Ixtlahaucan, ten minutes from Chapala, a house
    across the street from a friend’s place in Ajijic raked with AK fire, the paper in Nuevo Leon announcing that it will no lnger cover crime after a couple of its reporters were killed and, far worse, hereabouts the kidnapping and killing–no ranson demands–of teenagers, apparently in response to the arrest of a woman big in the narco traffic. Eight years ago,there was no trace of this. The government was never strong, but strong enough to keep the country moving toward development at a good rate. Now it is clearly unable to control cartels that have the money to buy both politicians and military-grade weaponry, not just from the US government but from the international arms market.

    Much of what is happening is being suppressed here, and never makes it to the US media. It all began when Calderón, apparently under American pressure, attacked
    the drug outfits. Since the current presidential candidates consist of two mental defectives, or so they seem, and an intelligent leftist with little chance of being elected, change is unlikely. What this weill mean for the US, we shall see.”

    To me this sounds like the China of 85 years ago I’ve been reading about: opium, warlordism, beheadings, Pock Mark Wong and Big Ears Du in Shanghai controlling the banks and bankrolling the politicians. I hope WRM will cover this closer to home story.]

  • Villagers Fight Back Against Local Officials, Killing Two

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    On a brighter note, I did see reference to there being more than one candidate in an election for “village chief” down in the article. First sign of democracy I’ve read about recently. How widespread are these village elections? How powerful are the village chiefs?

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