TAPI Pipeline Adds to Iran’s Economic Woes
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  • Anthony

    Economic arrangements (trade) geopolitical tool to supplement both soft and hard power strategies vis-a-vis Iranian policies – TAPI over IPI.

  • Kris

    Iran-Pakistan-India. Talk about strange bedfellows!

  • Doug

    How is it possible to secure a pipeline over this region infamous for banditry, chaos, war, etc. etc. It seems the owners/operators will be over a barrel the second it comes online, if not before. Even if everyone in the region wanted to play nice, Iran could say to Mr. Afghan, “Here’s $XXXX, please go mess with the TAPI pipeline.”

  • Mark in Texas

    This is the kind of infrastructure development that can actually change Afghanistan as well as lead to a more peaceful relation between India and Pakistan and greater prosperity in western Asia.

    Now follow it up with a railroad across Afghanistan.

    How to keep things working in the Mad Max world of Afghanistan? Go to the head guy in each area where the pipeline or railroad passes through. Award him a certain number of slots for people to get technical training to work on the pipeline, a certain number of construction jobs, a certain number of armed guard jobs, a certain number of no show jobs and a certain amount of cash every month that the pipeline is working. If somebody blows up the pipeline, the money stops until it is in operation again. If the next guy down stream takes a bribe from the Iranians to allow the pipeline to be blown up, he is taking money from the other warlords’ pockets and he needs to make that money up to them (which dilutes the value of the bribe). If he refuses to share his Iranian bribe money, that is an insult requiring a violent response.

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