Hamas Chief to Israel: Go Ahead, Bomb Iran
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  • Mike H. in Spokane

    Taqqiya still rules.

  • Mike H. in Spokane

    Oops forgot my tag


  • crosspatch

    Ok, but what is he saying in Arabic?

  • Rich K

    Knowing that the isreali’s control the energy and supply lines to the territory they reside in is reason enough to get out front on this for Hamas. Could they survive a clampdown from Jeruselem? Hardly.

  • Sooke

    Funny how those groups who hate Israel so much are secretly delighted when Israel flexes its muscle against someone else.

    Israel was universally condemned for blowing up Syrian and Saddam’s nuclear reactors. The outrage was all completely phony.

    Israel does the job no one else will do. Whatever fragile peace there is in the Mideast is the result of Israels’s military strength.

  • jthc


    I’m surprised you don’t mention Syria as the conflict that has driven a wedge between Hamas and Iran/Hezbollah. When Assad falls it will be interesting to see what happens in Lebanon and whether Hezbollah can remain there.

  • If I lived in Gaza I would not be thrilled by the prospect of an Iranian bomb being delivered atop a knockoff North Korean missile 1000 miles. A bit of a wobble and the Palestinian problem is solved.

    Not an ideal outcome.

  • Ben

    Seems like if Iran got nukes and decided to bomb Israel, Gaza and the West Bank would be collateral damage. If I were Hamas, I’d be all for avoiding getting a nuke dropped on my next door neighbor simply because it would probably kill me along with my neighbor.

  • teapartydoc

    Bibi? You catchin’ this?

  • nadine

    Hamas is reverting to its natural patron, the Muslim Brotherhood, from whom it is a spin-off. The Muslim Brotherhood don’t want any fuss with Israel until they have finished consolidating power in Egypt. So they are biding their time, and telling Hamas to cool it too. The MB figure there is plenty of time to decide between a terror war and a conventional war between Egypt and Israel after they have seized full power.

  • Yes, the chessboard has many pieces on it. Hamas’ announcement is the kind of move that in chess notation is followed by an exclamation point and a question mark.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: Speaking of chess, are you following the current chess championship, featuring the Pakistani champion against his Palestinian Arab challenger?

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