Rogue Detroit Democrats Stand Trial
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  • Kenny

    Unless these criminal enterprises masquerading as political organizations are broken up and the culture of corruption purged, America’s racial wounds will not be free to heal.”

    Well said. But let’s be real. The Democratic Party is itself the main criminal enterprise in the U.S. Fact.

  • Anthony

    And so it goes…

    Kilpatrick and Detroit’s racial identities may or may not be relevant to violation of both public trust and crimes commited; however for anyone prone to seeking distinctions premised on race, ethnic fallibility exposed in Quick Take may provide distracted satisfaction. Yet clientelism remains systemic problem and giving it a racial cast inter alia can divert attention from common problem – venal, corrupt, and accepted behavior in our politics.

  • JKB

    Where does the “rogue” part come in?

    “That Detroit has been run for decades by incompetents and thieves is patently obvious to any ten year old child with an enquiring mind…”

    This is all to common for Detroit, especially Detroit Democrats. Well, actually, Democrats about anywhere.

    To be fair, municipal Republicans are only slightly better, probably only at hiding their corruption.

  • Corlyss

    Federal juries usually trend much tougher on defendants than state juries are, but the true test will be whether the jury nullifies the charges.

  • PBC

    The rogue Democrats go beyond the Detroit borders. Detroit’s part of Wayne County and the same bloodletting is happening in the longtime county executive’s office. Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano and his cronies are up to their eyeballs in scandals. One of his aides took over as CEO of Detroit Metro airport. In appreciation of her public service, Ficano gave her a nice check for $200,000. Stolen of course from the most impoverished county in America. This is only the beginning. Stay tuned.

  • vanderleun

    “In a better world, the Reverend Al Sharpton would be leading hunger strikes and demonstrations outside the Justice Department…”

    No, it a better world Sharpton would be serving several consecutive terms in prison for the corruption and bribery linked to his own New York city machine.

    And as for “a new, more honest group of politicians to take their place…” Sorry, they’re going be dredged up from the same sewer. They won’t take as much since there isn’t as much to take. This is not the corruption of a specfic “generation” of politicians. This is now not corruption at all, but “tradition.”

  • “middle aged roués” – Land ‘o Goshen, Brother Mead, that is a fine turn of phrase.

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