A Victory In The Non-War War
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  • EvilBuzzard

    But The War On Terror is over. It was all just a bumper-sticker slogan anyway. President Gutsy-Call got Osama and the issue is SETTLED.

  • Anthony

    WRM, a related idea: “terrorism is a form of asymmetrical warfare…which leverages the psychology of fear to create emotional damage that is disproportionate to its damage in lives or property” (fathomability and dread are important contributors). Most importantly, fallacies in risk perception distort public policy.

  • Jim.

    If we’re going to be more precise in our language without regard to political correctness, please refer to these enemies as “Muslim fanatics” instead of “religious fanatics.”


  • “(A)t the end of the day we are more interested in winning than in nomenclature.”

    Well, certainly. But the clarity is important. If we are killing people like there’s a war on, while the government is pretending there is no war, how do we know when the government shold be made to cease?

  • When you think that since 9/11 the number of US casualties caused by foreign Al Quaeda forces in this country is zero you have to ask yourselves what kind of war this is supposed to be?

    And about the high-tech detonation device, it wasn’t a match by chance?

  • Kris

    “The White House thinks that not calling this a war makes it easier to win; we think they are are wrong about that”

    You are very generous; I would suspect that the White House is merely trying to save face.

    But really, how do you expect us to take this thoughtful post seriously when it starts off with: “They were trying a new and improved underwear bomb”?

  • Cunctator

    I hope that al Qaeda has to test (on themselves, of course) many prototypes of the latest underwear bomb. What would really be justice is that the “test pilots” of these contraptions survive (although not wholly intact) the experience.

  • Asscheeks of Saturn

    Seriously, do you expect me to swallow this?
    1. The news is three weeks old.
    2. The agent was a Saudi agent.
    The only message I get from this is that Obama’s regime won’t keep a secret if there is a political gain to be squeezed from it.

    See Arpaio, Sheriff Joe.

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