Nigeria Burns
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  • Daniel Ehighalua

    Your deft characterization of the anomie in Nigeria is apt. Nigeria is bereft of the ‘right’ kind of leadership, for this season; but, I have always known that thieving Nigerian elites, have a way of banding together, to continue to rob Nigeria blind. It’s the ‘clientelistic’ and ‘prebendal’ nature of the Nigerian state and elites. The present state of violence is being induced largely by political, rather than religious consideration. It is simply elite tiff. This too will pass. Nigeria will ‘truly burn’ when oil dries up, however long that takes.

  • Anthony

    WRM, I recently read point of view vis-a-vis Nigeria under Kantian Triangle; one perspective implied that anocracy (administrations/governments that don’t do anything well) is vulnerable to winner take all ideologies – premised on oil, gold, diamonds, strategic materials, etc. Economist Paul Collier said that countries in that dynamic coexist with 21st century but their reality is 14th century (civil war, predation, plunder, opportunistic violence, etc.).

    Perhaps cited variables/factors as well as history place Nigeria in anocracy category and until social arrangements change conflict continues.

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