Merkel to Greece: No More Sugar
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  • Corlyss

    “few German voters are prepared to sink any more money into propping up a country they view as lazy and deceitful. ”

    Good Heavens! What took ’em so long? I’d have made that determination after the first revelation that the Greek leaders lied about the extent of their debt. I wouldn’t have waited until the 3rd revelation. If Greece were a contract party instead of nation, it would have been hauled into court for bad-faith dealing. You can’t bargain or negotiate with a congenital liar like Greece has proven itself to be. Obviously they think everyone in the financial system is prepared to tolerate the same level of corruption and deception that Greeks are. It’s time for them to grow up.

  • Jim.

    No one but Germany has the money… is that strictly true? Couldn’t George Soros put his money where his mouth is and write Greece a check?

  • thibaud

    “since nobody but Germany has any money to give, that’s all there is to say about it”

    The Russians have plenty of money to, er, give, and have already begun to do so. Not just their sovereign wealth funds but individual oligarchs (including GazPutin himself, we’re told) will move quickly to snap up Greek assets as soon as the inevitable dropping out/devaluation occurs.

    Russian sun-seeking vacationers will start going to Greece instead of Hurghada or Sharm. Large portions of Greek real estate will come under Russian ownership. The Greek banking system will become heavily dependent on Russian funding.

    The Second Rome may be lost to the infidels, but the Third Rome will soon step in and extend its financial dominion over Greece.

  • GC

    “…nobody but Germany….”?

    There is an election later this year in a major country. The incumbent may need to increase his support in certain states that, coincidentally, of course, happen to be home for a large number of voters of Greek descent.
    While the country is running massive deficits, the amount of “humanitarian assistance” it needed to give to Greece, say in October, just might convert a state with the necessary electoral votes into a “win” for the incumbent without tipping the compassionate nation into a full-scale financial crisis. That can wait until after the election.

  • Eurydice

    There won’t be a coalition under SYRIZA – the Germans are playing for the next Greek election sometime in June. I’m not sure why anybody thought this wasn’t going to be a chaotic process (and not just in Greece) – this is the first time the people have had an opportunity to vote on what’s been happening to them.

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