Is the Ivy League Finally Embracing the Military?
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  • Now if the Ivy League will only embrace the country.

  • Hammered at Tosca

    Had only General McChrystal claimed to be 1/32 Cherokee–That just might have been enough in the faculty lounge to overcome the instinctive jealousy those who don’t know combat have of those who do.

  • bob

    Fat chance with that.

    Actually, I think the Ivies should not be allowed to have ROTC, and I think that graduates of those schools should not be allowed to serve in the military.

  • Tom Scharf

    Once again we see that the embracing of “diversity” is in the eyes of the beholder.

    The fact that many in academia object to having the students exposed to the views of the US’s military-industrial complex is hypocrisy of the highest order.

    They twist and manipulate the admissions process so it adhere’s to their mysterious definition of diversity, but when it comes to faculty, a process they have 100% control over, they are willfully blind to the huge gaps in the diversity of political views.

  • John Minehan

    The Ivies are WAAAAAAAAYYYYY beyond the US now. they are truely international institutions. It is not dislike or distrust towards the military that shapes their views: it is the knowledge that the military is absolutely irrelevant to the lives they will lead.

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