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  • Cunctator

    With regard to Davutoglu’s comment, it should be noted that Turkey’s foreign minister is believed to have admitted in late-2009 to a gathering of AKP supporters that the current government does view the country as neo-Ottomans. (See http://www.wikileaks.org/cable/2009/12/09ANKARA1717.html) So these latest comments are not surprising, and certainly not to Turkish ears. But hegemony and conquest are obviously not the same as what he sees as Turkey’s grand strategic aim — and I would argue that that is Turkey being the primus inter pares of regional players.

  • thibaud

    Turkey’s in the catbird seat. The only other potential hegemonic power in the region is unacceptable to everyone else.

    It will take all the diplomatic finesse and brilliance we can muster to manage Turkey’s inevitable rise to pre-eminence across what the British colonialists used to call “the Levant.”

  • Kris

    “Turkey’s inevitable rise to pre-eminence”

    I’d have phrased it “Turkey’s slow descent into relative pre-eminence”.

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