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  • As we say in Australia – she’ll be right mate. You post at a torrid pace by any standards. Even with the help of interns you are producing post after post in your own voice such that your output exceeds even prolific columnists. Tom Friedman or Charles Krauthammer come to mind. It looks to me like you are creating a new kind of journalism or at least something that is noticeably different – a very healthy and active kind of public intellectual who is at once academic and accessible, that takes a stand but eschews the culture wars. Enjoy your spring day – its pouring here in Perth.

  • WigWag

    Lorenz Gude you lucky devil. You’re from Perth; the most beautiful city on the planet. What is it they say? Isn’t it something like G’day from WA?

  • I’d be a fool to argue that Perth is not one of the worlds most beautiful cities. Livable too in what is a still functioning Blue Model social democracy. The Labor government wants to increase revenue through a tax on the profits of the mining companies. It is controversial of course but is also arguably a tax reform measure replacing an outdated royalty system, not just a government money grab. At least the government is proposing taxing real wealth to keep the Blue Model going. Europe and US seem to be into kiting bad checks or as one commentator put it – extend and pretend. Meanwhile this New Hampshire boy is facing a winter that may get into the 30s but never below 32 and laughing at his good fortune.

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