The Man Behind Argentina’s Next Crash
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  • bob

    Is it not amazing how many cultures get trapped in self-destructive loops and slides? How many cultures right now are thus trapped? Are we?

    I suppose the real question is how did several cultures escape? How did classical Greece come to be? How did the US come to be?

  • enrico

    This time you are wrong, sir. I’m afraid you are selling a clichè. Sideburns? That was plain philistinism. The same facial hairs would have made a gentleman hundread years ago. How do you know that he isn’t imitating them, rather than that lousy icon that I won’t name? Hint… You don’t. You just guessed.

  • I agree Bob that it is right to ask the question are we – the US – trapped too? I can see that the answer might be yes. I also see a strong resistance on the part of the American people. Mainly from the Tea Party, but even the Marxist tinged OWS movement clearly articulated the unholy connection between Sodom on Potomac and Sodom on Hudson. We have a strong political faction – lets just call them the Main St faction that sees that neither party is fit to govern.. Sen Marco Rubio of Florida actually says right out loud that both parties are at fault. I believe we have the cultural capital to invent a successful 21st century economy, but it was take guts and many of those proverbial broken eggs.

  • Kansas Scott

    Minor point, but I think it’s “Axel” Kicillof, not “Alex.”

  • Hopefully Mrs. Kirchner will plunge Argentina into economic chaos, reducing the country to sub-Saharan levels of poverty. The Royal Navy will scarcely be needed to defend the Falkland Islands. The oil will be pumped to a thirsty world by companies with secure property rights. Everybody wins except the Argentinians, who are getting the government they want and deserve.

  • Eric

    The Telegraph reports empty shelves in Buenos Aires. Yes, if there was one thing Marx was very good at, it was producing empty shelves in shops.

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