The Environment in a “Second Best” World
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  • “The article illustrates a range of important points about developing the transportation technology of the future . . .”

    I believe the transportation technology of the future may already exist. Here is a picture of it. This technology would be cheaper to buy, finance, insure, maintain, and operate.

    My point being that as an alternative to suburbs smaller communities with shorter distances between work and home and the places where we shop might be the best way to reduce transportation costs and make our society less vulnerable to interruptions in the world oil markets.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Anthropogenic Global Warming is [nonsense]. We know this because there is no Global Warming, temperatures have in fact fallen slightly since 1998, and the fraudulent green Scientists have had to “Hide the Decline”. Only the feedback of competition can determine the best and most efficient use of resources. The Government Monopoly is incompetent at picking winners and losers, because it lacks the feedback of competition. The only way to limit the waste, corruption, and incompetence of the Government Monopoly, is to limit the Government Monopoly. The Government Monopoly is a burden the economy must bear, but for the economy too thrive that burden must be as light as possible. It was a limited Government that allowed this country to grow great, but as the Government has grown, growth has stalled as the burden has become more than the nation can bear.

    There is an urban legend that sometime in the 50’s; Albert Einstein was hanging out on campus with some of his science geek groupies, when one of them asked “What is the most Powerful Force in the Universe?” and too which Albert Einstein, who was intimately familiar with an atomic bomb going super critical, instantly replied “Compounding Growth”. The Government Monopoly by being such a burden and drag on the economy that it cannot grow, is sacrificing the most Powerful Force in the Universe of Compounding Growth.

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