China to India: You Call That Tiny Thing A Missile?
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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “China’s Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, rose above the fray, with a spokesman blandly noting that India and China are partners, not rivals.”

    Of course they are, I believe them, don’t you?

  • And do you call that tiny thing a scandal?

    “In recent years, several corruption cases involving astronomical amounts of money were associated with Jiang Zemin’s son, Jiang Mianheng.

    “The Epoch Times has learned that the Central Disciplinary Commission is investigating a major corruption case that is linked to the father and son. The money involved in the financial fraud could reach as high as 1.2 trillion yuan (US$190 billion). . .”

  • The back story on Why Google left China:

    “Preliminary preparations for a thorough investigation of Baidu have been made. An insider from the Committee for Disciplinary Inspection said: “To put it one way, the pressure of cleaning up Baidu is bigger than that of investigating Bo Xilai. If not handled well, some officials will lose their jobs, and it risks provoking regional bosses.” These words, to people who know China’s Internet from behind the scenes, are enormously significant.”

  • darcy

    Lebron James

  • And you think our SEC was lax?

    Why do we trust information coming out of China?

  • xyz

    regarding “dwarf missile” its big enough to shaft anyone….remember the Vamana avatar of Vishnu…heh

  • blinded1

    So, what China is going to do in the arms race, to convert all its ICBMs ranging over 8000km to 5000km India-killers?

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