Japanese Governor Stokes Tension With China Over Disputed Islands
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  • An anonymous American teacher who teaches in China had this to say about his students:

    “While Chinese rarely express an open desire for imperialist expansion, an ideological sense of the inevitability of such expansion is a hidden part of national political consciousness. Rather than being self-admitted expansionists, Chinese expansion is instead expressed by characterizing foreign nations as “part of China” which must one day be reconquered and brought into the fold of the motherland to redress the historic injustices of foreign domination by restoring territorial integrity. The fact that these Asian nations are not part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), as they are supposed to be, is yet further ammunition for a sense of national grievance and humiliation.

    Press university students on the matter and one will quite easily be told that not only Taiwan and Tibet, but Mongolia, the Koreas, much or all of South-East Asia, Japan and most of the Philippines are somehow “part of China.” The argument relies on obscure racial and cultural connections that somehow make these independent nations part of a larger Han empire that – while never having existed in the past as a national entity and, even on a cultural level, has no basis in linguistic and genetic links – must one day be re-established for Chinese dignity and territorial integrity.

    So, while Chinese will say that China is a “peaceful country” which does not have imperialist aims, such peace and nonaggression is contingent upon the restoration of the territorial integrity of an imagined (Han) Chinese empire that would consume a significant amount of the nations surrounding the PRC.

    I learned of this while discussing Chinese history with some students, who, after vigorously extolling the truth of what they were taught, then insisted they were “not nationalists,” since such desire for “reintegration” is a return to an (imagined) historic norm rather than a national expansion into new territory.”

    Read the whole thing here: http://www.chariweb.com/2012/02/chinese-fascism-chinese-human-rights.html

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