Iranian Diplomacy: Serious Or Stalling?
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  • Mrs. Davis

    We are going to learn that Jaleeli is a graduate of the Kurusu-Nomura School of Negotiation and Persuasion. And we’ll all be shocked, shocked! to hear that there is deception from the Iranians.

  • N. Korea has been playing this game for how long? Ten years?

  • Otis McWrong

    Netanyahu’s continuing to insist Iran stopping “all enrichment” leaves him and his US puppet very little room.

    Iran, as a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, has a right to peaceful nuclear power (i.e. for energy). Iran already imports a significant amount of their energy (yes, I know they produce lots of oil. However crude oil and usable fuel are two different things – one requires refining capacity they do not have) and thus appears to have as legitimate of a claim for nuclear power as does the US or France or Japan or anyone else.

    If Iran agrees to periodic full inspections to ensure that they’re enriching for power and not for weapons, on what grounds would the US or Israel have for an attack?

    If we can leave with a Pakistan with nuclear weapons, we can live with an Iran with nuclear power plants.

  • WigWag

    It tells you everything that you need to know about the absurdity of these negotiations that Lady Ashton is the chief negotiator for the P5+1 group. If there is a better example of a languid sybarite than Ashton I would like to know who it is. Lazy, weak-kneed, boneheaded, soft and gullible it’s hard to imagine what the west could have been thinking of when the high priestess of political correctness was appointed lead negotiator.

    Although Ashton and David Cameron are of different political parties they represent the perfect metaphor for the decline of Great Britain. Suffice it to say that Churchillian or Thatcherian they are not.

    As the BBC points out, the chief Iranian negotiator, Saed Jalili refrained for religious reasons from shaking Ashton’s hand. One wonders if the so-called religious reasons were an excuse and what he really feared was having some of her insouciance rub off on him.

    Apparently the negotiations began with a dinner where just Ashton, Jalili and their two chief aids were present. This certainly inspires alot of confidence that the west intends to make clear that it plans to get tough with Tehran.

    The next negotiations won’t even start for another 5 weeks; it’s difficult to imagine what the P5+1 nations thought they were getting by countenancing this delay. When the talks finally restart they will be convening in Baghdad.

    I wonder whether Ashton is making dinner plans with Muqtadā al-Ṣadr. After all, she’s in town.

  • Walter Sobchak

    I am sure that Obama has told the Iranians what he told the Russians: Be cool until November, and then I will give away the store. They better play it his way because Mitt and Bibi are BFFs.

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