India Sentences Gujarat Rioters
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    I am no expert on India so I could easily be wrong, but it’s my understanding that both the Bush and Obama Administrations have refused to grant Modi a visa to enter the United States primarily because they see him as anti-Muslim. The irony is that a government run by Modi is likely to be significantly more pro-American than the Singh Government currently is. It’s also likely to be somewhat less corrupt.

    Whatever his foibles, which may be significant, Modi’s attitude towards minorities isn’t any worse than leaders whith whom the United States does business all the time. Does he treat Gujurat’s Muslims any worse than Erdogan treats Turkey’s Alevis and Kurds? Does he treat them any worse than China treats its Tibetans or Uyghurs? If we can do business with Turkey and China why couldn’t we do business with an India led by Modi?

    Given the more than insignificant chance that he just might be running India before too long, shouldn’t the United States be reaching out to him?

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