UK PM To Visit Myanmar Friday; Should China Be Nervous?
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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    This isn’t pushing China into a corner; it’s pushback for China’s saber rattling. Spratly and Paracel islands, Jammu and Kashmir, Tibet, Taiwan; China is clearly greedy and grasping, and while a few border agreements have been made over the last decade, the sheer number of border disputes indicates a policy of unjustifiable expansion at the expense of its neighbors. America isn’t getting the rails greased to greater involvement in Asia for no reason at all; China’s neighbors are pushing back against Chinese aggression, and using America to do it. This isn’t Obama Administration foreign policy brilliance, as the pivot to Asia would never have happened if China’s neighbors hadn’t invited America into a closer alliance to begin with.

  • Alex Weiner

    Presumably, most of these countries, particularly those who did not have official diplomatic relations with Myanmar over the last decade, are to talking to their counterparts in China about this sort of thing behind the scenes. As we saw with the leaked US cables this happens all the time, even among so called rivals.

  • “China has a lot of reasons to feel pushed into a corner right now.”

    Which is why if they decide to get aggressive they will go the other way. Look out Kazakhstan.

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