Merkel’s Newest Friend: The Pirates
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  • azuleta

    A “grand coalition” is the worst. The Pirates are “cool” but they do not have a program.

  • Wifman

    As a potential pirate voter, I have to say if they don’t step it up soon, they’ll fail.

    Benjamin Stuckrath-Barre formulated it very well a few weeks ago when he said to the party leader: “When are you going to ditch this ‘No idea’ [profanity removed]? It’s starting to annoy…”

    They don’t know what to do about Iran, or Afghanistan, or the Euro, or where the money for their ‘basic income’ is supposed to come from – The wet dream of a generation buried in dept they never caused.

    Then of course there is that problem with antisemitism they have: First their head of party steps down because she cannot bear to get any more antisemitic hate-mail (her being jewish and all) and then another member openly tweets on Twitter that he doesn’t think he is an antisemite just because he doesn’t like Israel or the Jews in general. In all fairness they made him resign all offices in the party – but they didn’t throw him out, either, last I heard.

    I don’t really feel they are votable, eventhough it would mean to at last have politicians that know an IP address is not a registry for Intellectual Property.

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