Beyond Trilateralism: A Fresh Start for American Power
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  • Anthony

    Changing/interconnecting world dynamics (Demography, IT, Development, etc.) induces 21st century recasting… “American Foreign Policy has been moving towards the creation of new, sometimes difficult partnerships as it retools for the tasks ahead” – septagonal arrangements (not a fresh start but an adjustment to changing realities).

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The US has basically maintained its dominating #1 share of world GDP over the last 30 years (22%), while Japan and the EU have been loosing theirs to the developing countries. This looks to continue with both Japan and the EU suffering from demographic problems, failure to energetically address the inefficient blue model, and the Euro’s collapse.
    I wish to point out that while China has been growing very fast, this is unlikely to continue, as China suffers from Demographic problems, inefficient State ownership of a large portion of the economy, lack of Democracy, the Rule of Law, and an arrogant belligerence which has alienated nearly all of its neighbors. It continues with saber rattling towards its biggest trading partner the US, which will lead to large losses in trade in the near future, as friendlier low labor cost countries take away China’s market share. China’s large foreign currency reserves, which they overpaid for while manipulating their currency to gain a price advantage, will end up being sold at a steep discount when they are forced to sell them to pay for the importation of basic commodities.

  • “Washington is hardly unique in wanting a liberal world system of open trade, freedom of the seas, enforceable rules of contract and protection for foreign investment.”

    I’m for those things. But I also realize they will destroy the fabric of our democracy if we don’t take steps to re-balance the distribution of income (and leisure) between labor and capital.

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