U.S.-Pakistan Relationship Hits New Low
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  • In my opinion as being a Pakistan myself, United States before TAGGING Mr.Hafiz Saeed with 10 million US Dollars, should respect Pakistan’s Supereme Court Decision where Decision on these charges against Mr.Hafiz Saeed were bogus and Verdict came as ” NOT GUILTY ”

    If he is guilty let’s say United States CIA is right, Why don’t they give any proof ? He is not hiding anywhere, walking freely and been on media channels after this statement came from US. I think there should be a fair Trial in Pakistan.

    Beside It, United States and Pakistan’s Relation been Mean all the time over the years, Give n Take Policy, This is no serious issue where US GOVT can pursue Trial. Relations are sensitive since Pakistan has stopped NATO Supplies via ground routes, behind it there’s a reason, when NATO Forces Striked Pakistani Base near Afghanistan Border. ” WAS IT A MISTAKE “?

  • J. Ram Ray

    It’s about time we in the US get the Pakistani Monkey off our back; if we want to follow the Pottery Barn rule, we can certainly say we have not broken Afhganistan but we are leaving it in far better shape than what it was in 2001. The question then is, does this mean no more limosines, lavish villas, chicken curry for lunch and goat biriyani for dinner for all the Pakistani military/ISI brass?

  • Beauceron

    Unlike the reader above, I suspect Saeed is guilty in the Mubai, and probably other, attacks.

    But still, you have to ask: why are we fronting 10 million dollars for an attack against India? Let India do it if it needs doing. This reeks of the US shoving their way in and trying to take charge of something that is, outside of our broad interest in cooperating to prevent such heinous terrorist acts, none of our business.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Let’s face facts, the only reason Pakistan was an extremely reluctant ally in the war on Islamic Terror, was because George W. Bush put a gun to their head, and told them “either your with us, or your against us”, and when the most powerful nation in history has blood in its eye, you make yourself small and compliant and hope to go unnoticed. But Bush is gone now, and Obama is a groveling weakling, so the Pakistani can go back to their belligerent ways, pretending anger at every imagined slight, without fear that America will blot them out of existence.

    US Pakistani relations aren’t hitting new lows, they are just returning to normal.

  • Some Sock Puppet

    Why are we with Pakistan at all? We could have been building a solid, reliable relationship with India all this time without needlessly antagonizing them and without wasting all the money for people who are obviously supporting our most hated enemies.

    A powerful India may not have been grateful and may still be determined to keep independent, but at least they’d keep China thinking twice about running roughshod over it’s neighbors.

    I just don’t get India’s game, while we’re on it. I respect the desire to be independent, but don’t they get that the isolation/independence movement leads to more trouble that could have been contained by the appearance of strength?

  • Baba

    It is so easy to write a book with the title “HOW TO WIN ENEMIES AND KILL PEOPLE” in the US interests. Carnegie where are you. The US policy makers have given you another subject to write a book on. God bless poor, simple, nice caring people of the US. It seems US interest is to promote interests of Israel and India at the cost of American taxpayers and the security of it’s people also.

  • Some Sock Puppet

    I’d take Israel and India over “Palestine” and Pakistan any day of the year.

  • Walter Sobchak

    America has had a bad 12 years in Pakistan. Pakistan is an enemy. The US needs to leave Pakistan, and to take back all the shiny toys we gave them.

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