Quango Wars Escalate
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  • Neville

    Even in quite ‘downmarket’ areas, currently featuring empty storefronts and nail/tattoo parlors, it’s amazing how prosperous the veterinary hospitals look.

    It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that for many people pets are partial replacements for the families they don’t have/don’t feel they can afford/have outlived. As a trend this seems unlikely to reverse any time soon.

    The connection to your ‘war on the young’ and ‘demographic contraction’ themes is obvious.

  • Neville

    Oops: intended as a comment on the preceding post!

  • Let me be clear: I don’t work for an intelligence agency, and so far as I know, I don’t know anyone who does. What I am engaging in here is uninformed speculation.

    But my uninformed speculation is that Western intelligence agencies almost certainly do place agents inside organizations of this sort (and indeed true NGOs). I would, if I was them. It’s simply a much more convincing cover than a bogus embassy job.

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