McKinsey Backs Mead
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  • Anthony

    Making education and health care more affordable will certainly avail more opportunities for some Americans (the more self motivated) and if MGI provides guideposts toward remedy so much the better.

  • Jimmy J.

    For education – The Kahn Academies. They work! Use the model and use Kahn’s U-Tube lectures in schools to provide first class teaching.

    For health care – Tort reform, make purchase of individual health care policies tax free, more store front clinics, more use of skilled Physician Assistants, nationwide insurance exchanges, and Medicare/Medicaid reform. Get government and insurance companies out of the doctor – patient relationship.

  • Ah yes, just the ticket. More input from “prominent intellectuals devoting serious thought to these issues.” At the risk of seeming anti-intellectual, but given that it is the years of input from prominent intellectuals that have brought us to this challenge to our polity in the first instance, might we not consider how much better we might fare with less input from them rather than more?

  • Georgia MD

    Deregulate medicine. Medicine is one of the most heavily regulated industries that I am aware of. Innovation and productivity will sky rocket, I predict, when the government gets out of overseeing the healthcare market. And costs will fall.

  • Jim.

    The thing that baffles me about this whole arrangement is the fact that so many people serious thinkers simultaneously believe that we have both a severe shortage of skilled machinists, and a severe shortageof manufacturing jobs. How is it we have both?

    It is the simple truth that you can still make a good living turning a wrench in his country. You can still make a good living operating a lathe or a drill press. If you’re really good, you’re in high demand.

    We need to beef up voc ed opportunities in this country, no question about it. Destroying the profitability of distractions like TV would probably help too. 😉

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    It’s the feedback of competition that forces continuous improvements in Quality, Service, and Price in the private sector. If there isn’t enough competition to drive some of the businesses in an industry out of business, then there won’t be any improvements in Quality, Service, or Price in that industry, and it will stagnate as Healthcare and Education have.

  • How come McKinsey is the only management consulting firm with a good reputation?

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