Would Jesus Wear a Rolex on His Television Show?
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  • Kevin

    I am reminded of the expression ‘Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue.’ Better a hypocrite than one who brazenly flaunts wealth and status.

  • Gary L

    …someone in the office of the Patriarch of Moscow, top prelate in the Russian Orthodox Church, doctored a photo of Patriarch Kirill to airbrush out the $30,000 Breguet watch the prelate was wearing at the time…


    – Revelation 10:6, KJV

  • Kris

    Dunno. Would the Devil wear Prada?

    “there is a long tradition in the Church by which powerful ecclesiastical leaders have worn rich jewels and lived in palaces as (at least partly) a way of reminding lay rulers about the Church’s power and influence.”

    As Stalin asked, How many Breguets hath the Patriarch?

  • Why, yes, Kris – I saw the Devil wearing Prada today on the way to church and he told me that Stalin was greatly cheered by the Patriarch’s discomfiture.

    And may the God bless the bloggers who stare into the reflections and do His work.

  • Cunctator

    But why is anyone surprised by the presence of a Rolex on the Patriarch’s arm? The Russian Orthodox Church is (and always was under the Tsars) a powerful and welathy arm of the state. There has never been any suggestion that it was not that, even by its leadership.

    I am more disgusted by the expensive tastes of left-wing political leaders who actually attack what they enjoy in order to advance their cause among the uninformed.

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