Argentina and Britain, 30 Years On
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  • Mrs. Davis

    I would bet the Brits are keeping their most effective weapons system from the first war, the submarine, on station in the south Atlantic and that the Argies would not send out an invasion fleet to challenge it (them). If they can’t get an invasion fleet to the islands, they’ll have a hard time invading.

    This is a distraction from a failing economy.

  • bill phelps

    Kirchner is trying to distract public attention from the upcoming economic implosion.

  • Hammered at Tosca

    Yes, but peace loving, status-quo types ignore Argentina’s secret weapon at their peril: How can anyone forget the awe inspiring spectacle of Sean Penn roughing up some camera toting paparazzi?

    Just think of that guy turned loose against a truly worthy foe, like British military imperialists…

  • Jbird

    The anemic military budgets for most of the world just goes to show you how widely felt the Pax Americana is. Argentina & Britain apparently feel very little need to project power and patrol their own shipping lanes, because the Americans do it for them, for free. We really should start collecting tribute payments or something. As an aside, Has there been a British Navy as small as 20 surface ships since King Alfred the Great?

  • I imagine there is one and only one RN SSN in the South Atlantic. That’s quite enough to make any attempt at an invasion unfeasible even without accounting for the likelihood that the half-squadron of Typhoons stationed at Port Stanley would comfortably win a battle for air supremacy against the Argentinian air force. Militarily, invasion is a complete non-starter for Argentina, every bit as much as re-conquest would be for Britain.

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