More Jobs of the Future: Online Personal Assistants
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  • Wonderful to contemplate. The elites who are just too busy being special and using their unique talents – ah but for the good of all of Personkind everywhere – will then have one more buffer to keep them from contact and even minimal interaction with the little people who make a civilized life a bit more possible. Should we set aside a date to celebrate this bit of progress? Then we could hire someone to remind us what we decided it should be.

  • Brett

    This doesn’t exactly assuage the concern that the Jobs of the Future (TM) will consist of most people living as de facto servants of a global elite atop vast inequalities of wealth and income. How much do the Online Personal Assistants make in terms of pay?

    Not that it matters. “Online Personal Assistant” sounds like the type of job that will get replaced easily once the Voice Recognition and Digital Personal Assistant programs get good enough. We already have a fairly crude A.I. “personal assistant” with Apple’s Siri, and they’re only going to get better.

  • Kris

    [email protected]:

    The actual elites already have their personal assistants. Fancy Hands just spreads out this particular good.

    Granted, none of the examples cited should require such assistance. One could compare and contrast to a previous post, as WigWag proactively did.

  • ErisGuy

    I think this was called “My Lackey” the first time I saw it.

  • Jim.

    As long as honest work like this is seen as demeaning, and living on the government dole is seen as not being lower than sewer flow but as being “unavoidable misfortune”, or worse get, “getting your own out of the system” this country will never turn around. Instead, we’ll circle the drain until the number of citizens lower than sewer flow approaches or exceeds that of Italy or Greece.

    There is no shame in honest work. There is shame in living with your hand out. There is no shame in working to structure our government’s spending and our culture’s mores to reflect these values.

    There is eternal, damnable shame in wanting to structure government to encourage dependency, and in dismissing or demeaning honest work for any reason. That way lies the destruction of every life touched by dependency, and the destruction of the nation that aids and abets it.

  • Elite solutions for elite minorities. This has very little to do with the blue model. Check. This has nothing to do with the blue model. What kind of fancy hands to you propose for these guys:

  • Wait! I know the kinds of fancy hands for those guys:

    Bounus question: what kind of fancy hands will fancy hands have?

    I seriously think Mead and minions need to stop contemplating their own navels so much and start thinking about our society at large.

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